If your Yorkshire terrier has any aggression problems this is probably one of your number one concerns that must be addressed. Such issues can be a sign of a number of problems. If you adopted your Yorkie as an adult, they may have been poorly treated as a puppy. If you raised the puppy without proper limits, they may be trying to assert dominance over those around them. If the terrier is bored or has excess energy they may have developed anxiety or fear issues that need to be assuaged by strong, alpha leadership. This is a hard one to provide specific advice on, because all Yorkshire terriers are different and each aggressive tendency needs to be handled with special care and specific actions according to the dog and their issues.

In some cases the best thing you can do is to hire a professional dog trainer, who can manage the problem for you.

However, here are some general suggestions and what to do advice on the issue. First of all, you need to be clear what is the number one source for your Yorkie aggression. Many owners don't recognize reasonably obvious patterns that can be seen easily if you know what to look for. The most common types of Yorkie aggression are aggression against other dogs, aggression towards people, and food related aggression. If you believe that your Yorkie aggression relates to any of those dog aggression categories, try to avoid to put the Yorkie in those situations.

If your Yorkie is aggressive towards other dogs, don't take them to a dog park until you can determine if the behavior is curable. The same goes toward people and food. Even though these terriers are very small, some aggressive Yorkshire terriers could be somewhat dangerous, so be careful. The training strategy to reduce aggression in your Yorkie will mainly include praise and treats to reward the non-aggressive behavior. Probably the most effective way to do so is to keep the Yorkie on a leash, physically not letting them to get close to other dogs or people. Give the dog treats and praise and then move closer to the source of aggression. Eventually your Yorkie will learn to associate what used to be the source of aggression with a dog treat, so they will rather get excited when they see it instead of becoming aggressive. However, you should remember is what not going to work in this situation is any form of punishment or negative reinforcement. When it comes to aggression, punishment usually makes aggression even stronger. Remember that your Yorkie aggression is mainly caused by their fear, so violence from your side will only make their aggressive tendencies stronger. You should make it a rule that you never punish your Yorkie for their aggressive behaviors including growling, since it will just make the situation worse. That growling is a bit scary, but it is a warning sign of discomfort. Usually growling is nothing more than aggression could come unless you remove the Yorkie from the discomfort situation, so just do it. Now let's analyze a little bit some specific forms of Yorkie aggression. Food aggression is common and here is what you can do.

Once again, never punish your Yorkie, especially physically, for this (and all other types) of aggression. You must retrain them to think in a different way and completely eliminate punishment from the equation. You can begin by establishing a strict feeding schedule. Stop filling the bowl at all times, and start feeding them only 2-3 times a day with the same amount of food. When you become their ultimate source of food they don't have any food that they consider is "theirs", so there is no food to protect anymore. Try to feed the Yorkie in a separate room, in order for them not to have that feeling that they own the space where they eat and must protect it. Also, make sure that other dogs are not present nowhere near, so there is no food conflicts between them. The other form of aggression in Yorkshire terriers is aggression toward other dogs.

If your Yorkie is not the only dog that you have you can resolve potential aggression between them if you walk them together on a leash, so they can get to know each other. However, if your two dogs fight with each other and express aggression all the time that may be a sign that it is unclear who is the leader, so they try to establish their leadership. If this takes place in your house, you must demonstrate your dogs that you are the alpha leader there and they must stop to fight. Just your demonstration of the alpha leadership can solve your Yorkie and your other dog aggression toward each other, because to them it's now pointless to fight for leadership, since they know that you are the ultimate leader and you want them to be in peace. Absolutely never pet your Yorkie or reinforce in any other way if they snap at someone. It will only make the behavior stronger. Don't punish them either as it can be confusing and create worse situations. Your goal should be to address correcting the behavior, not directly reacting to it. As you can see, there are many ways a Yorkshire terrier might exhibit aggressive behavior and many ways to stall or eliminate that behavior. Make sure to be consistent in your alpha leadership. Obedience training is another good step that you can take to handle your Yorkie aggression issues. Also there are options that support you in controlling your Yorkie when you train them.

For example, you can see a vet to see if the Yorkie you own doesn't have any serious medical problems that provoke the aggression. Also, get some restrictive leashes if necessary, so you can take your Yorkie in public. Never make a big deal when another dog approach you and your Yorkie. Your Yorkie may feel that anxiety energy and it could provoke their aggression. Everything start with the alpha leadership of yours as the owner and you should always remember this. If you can provide that, your Yorkshire terrier's aggressive tendencies will be much easier to deal with.

Yorkie training

Yorkie training
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Yorkie training: Yorkie training

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